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PROMICON - Call for stakeholders

17 May 2022
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Within PROMICON, ISLE is in charge of maximising the project results exploitability across the value chain, identifying market opportunities for PROMICON solutions and developing market uptake strategies.

To identify and engage with the right key stakeholders (e.g., end-users, regulator/policy makers, investors) at an early development (and pre-commercialisation) stage is crucial to ensure market uptake of the PROMICON solutions.

For this purpose, ISLE set-up the Stakeholder Database to identify key stakeholders in the relevant sectors (e.g., Biotechnology Industry - e.g., Hydrogen industry and biofuels-, Ecology and Heath, Policy makers and regulators, Research & Innovation - e.g., Technology centers, Universities). Key stakeholders will be selected and invited, as appropriate, to each of the market focus activities that are organised (e.g., Innovation Workshops, Webinars, etc) during the project.

The exploitation and market activities will facilitate early and active engagement, throughout the project, with the relevant broad stakeholders in the market regions, the aim of these activities where the key stakeholders will be involved is to understand market needs and increase the market share and uptake of bio-based solutions and improve the overall knowledge of the industrial microbiome with a view to responding to market needs.

If you are interested in being part of the PROMICON Stakeholder Database to either know more about the project or participate in the market focus activities, please email: sylvia.haack@isleutilities.com

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