Current advances in engineering cyanobacteria and their applications for photosynthetic butanol production

Authors: Xufeng Liu, Hao Xie, Stamatina Roussou, Peter Lindblad

Status: Published
Year: 2022
Journal: Current Opinion in Biotechnology
Volume/Issue: 73
Publisher: Elsevier

Monitoring PHB production in Synechocystis sp. with hyperspectral images

Authors: Francisco Rodríguez Lorenzo, Miguel Placer Lorenzo, Luz Herrero Castilla, Sandra Iglesias, Santiago Gómez, Juan Manuel Fernández Montenegro, Estel Rueda, Rubén Diez-Montero, Joan Garcia, Eva Gonzalez-Flo, Juan Antonio Álvarez Rodríguez

Status: Published
Year: 2022
Journal: Water Science & Tchnology
Volume/Issue: Volume 86, Issue 1
Publisher: Water Sci Technol

Collection, pre-screening and characterization of natural microbiomes

Authors: Cristiana Torres, Marta Catalao, Filomena Freitas, Maria A. M. Reis, Eva Gonzales-Flo, Beatriz Altamira-Algarra, Marta Bellver-Catala, Joan Garcia

Status: Published
Year: 2022
Deliverable number: 2.1

Project branding and communication channels set-up and running (logo, promotional materials, website, templates, social media)

Authors: Teodor Metodiev, Gabriela Popova

Status: Published
Year: 2021
Deliverable number: 6.1