Innovation Board

Innovation Board members

Dr. Andrea Herold

Dr. Andrea Herold is Director of Industrial Biotechnology Research at BASF. After completing a PhD at EMBL Heidelberg in 2003, Andrea joined BASF as a lab team leader for fermentation products research. 

In this function she was responsible for a molecular biology lab t

Dr. Frauke Kracke

Dr. Frauke Kracke is Science Lead at Stripe Climate and Frontier, as well as a biochemical engineer by training who has always been fascinated with the intersection of technology and nature. 

She spent her academic career across Germany, Australia and the US including 5 years at Stanford Uni

Prof. Bruno Pollet

Prof. Bruno Pollet BSc(Hons) MSc PhD FRSC is President of the Green Hydrogen Division at International Association for Hydrogen Energy and a French electrochemist/electrochemical engineer.

He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, Professor of Chemistry, Director of the Green Hydrogen Lab

Prof. Ramon Gonzalez

Dr. Ramon Gonzalez is currently the Chief Scientific Officer of MojiaBio, a global biomanufacturing company dedicated to the production of food ingredients and chemical materials using renewable carbon sources and green processes. 

He is the President-Elect of the Society for Industrial Micr