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A dive into the #PreviousResearch of PROMICON’s experts: New social media campaign

31 October 2022
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PROMICON is all about efficient biotechnological production. Through the enhancement of latest and novel methods, the project is ascertaining how microbiomes function, while learning from nature. This is all being done with the sole purpose of steering the microbiomes growth towards production of biopolymers, energy carriers, drop-in feedstocks and antimicrobial molecules. To achieve this goal, a diverse research team consisting of leading European experts and scientists, joins forces, with each member adding value to the project with their own specific and unique background, capacity and knowledge. 

And what a better way to highlight their irreplaceable work, than to dive into their research findings and life work. In accordance to this, PROMICON is glad to share that a new social media campaign titled #PreviousResearch is being launched.

The #PreviousResearch campaign presents a retrospection to all insightful & inspiring papers, written by PROMICON partners before the start of the project. The campaign’s main aim is to provide transparency towards the project’s team, topic and objectives, while expanding the knowledge on biotechnology.

#PreviousResearch is set to post weekly on PROMICON’s Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook pages. Follow our social media channels to stay updated and not miss our new features coming out each week!

All papers from the campaign are available in PROMICON's Library

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