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PROMICON to share research highlights through graphical summaries

2 July 2024
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PROMICON is excited to announce the initiation of graphical summaries for our research papers, aiming to make complex scientific studies more accessible and engaging for interested stakeholders such as policymakers, the scientific community, and the general public. These summaries will be available on our website library and social media platforms, providing readers with a quick and informative overview of our research highlights.

We start with the paper “Monitoring PHB Production in Synechocystis sp. with Hyperspectral Images.” The summary highlights the transformative impact of hyperspectral technologies on optimising PHB production from cyanobacteria. Combining hyperspectral imaging with advanced analytical techniques offers the potential to revolutionise wastewater treatment management and promote the development of sustainable bioplastics.

A collaborative effort between the AIMEN and UPC research groups led to the development of an innovative measurement approach capable of detecting subtle changes in the spectral reflectance of light emitted by cyanobacteria across different cultivation conditions and cellular stages. The study successfully differentiates between cyanobacteria species within the laboratory and pilot-scale bioreactors by leveraging hyperspectral images. 

Read more here and stay tuned for more graphical summaries.

Graphical summary #1