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Enhancing Science Communication Skills: Empowering PROMICON's Early Career Researchers

16 May 2023
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PROMICON recently launched its series of Early Career Researchers (ECRs) workshops, which aim to foster internal networking, professional development and knowledge exchange, while also laying the foundations for greater collaboration among the project’s community of young researchers. The interactive sessions can also provide an important opportunity to showcase the research conducted by PROMICON’s ECRs so far and discuss perspectives and approaches for the future. Ranging in different topics from career paths to scientific publishing, the workshops will take place on a 3-month basis. 

The first of the PROMICON ECRs workshops series took place on 4 May 2023 and tackled the topic of Science Communication. Еffective science communication plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between researchers and the public. Recogniсing this important aspect, PROMICON’s communication and dissemination team from PENSOFT, along with Gonzalo Durante-Rodríguez of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), took the project’s young minds on a two-hour journey through the realm of science communication.

Held in an online environment, the workshop's overarching objective was to equip the ECRs with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively communicate their research beyond the scientific community.

The workshop covered a comprehensive range of topics relevant to science communication. From exploring the essence of science communication to mastering the art of writing blog posts and utilising social media platforms effectively, the participants gained valuable insights into engaging with diverse audiences. The workshop also shed light on the importance of funding acknowledgements and provided guidance on science outreach activities involving children.

Rather than following a conventional format, the workshop embraced an interactive approach. Participants had the opportunity to put their newly acquired skills into practice through an engaging game, allowing them to refine their communication techniques. This hands-on experience added an element of excitement and encouraged active participation, making the learning process more impactful.

The workshop on Science Communication proved to be a valuable platform for PROMICON's early career researchers to enhance their communication skills. Through the guidance of expert speakers, the participants received practical advice and learned effective strategies for conveying complex scientific concepts in a clear and engaging manner. This newfound knowledge will undoubtedly benefit their ability to disseminate their research findings effectively to diverse audiences.

Keep posted for news and announcements on the upcoming ECR workshops!