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Fueling Innovation: Recap of PROMICON's Second Annual Meeting

14 July 2023
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On July 3rd and 4th, 2023, the PROMICON project successfully held its highly anticipated second annual meeting in the vibrant city of Lisbon, Portugal. This significant event was organized by Prof. Maria Reis, a project member from NOVA University Lisbon.

The meeting proved to be a resounding success, attracting over 40 dedicated PROMICON members from various institutions across Europe. It provided a valuable platform for meaningful discussions, knowledge exchange, and collaborative endeavors, all of which furthered the project's mission and fostered a strong sense of collaboration among the participants.

Over the course of two days, the PROMICON consortium engaged in fruitful discussions about the latest updates from each project team, gaining valuable insights into their remarkable advancements in the production of biopolymers and biofuels using a range of cutting-edge approaches. The teams showcased their progress in harnessing the potential of nature-based and synthetic microorganisms, as well as integrating Artificial Intelligence and other innovative technologies.

Gonzalo Durante from CNB-CSIC giving an update on the progress of single optimisation of minimal functional metabolic modules.

The meeting also offered an exciting opportunity for PROMICON's young scientists to shine, as they shared news and updates on their groundbreaking research during an interactive session called "Your Minds." This segment provided an excellent platform for these budding researchers to present their work, further adding to the collaborative spirit of the event.

Early Career Researchers sharing their top-notch research topics with the consortium.

In addition, PROMICON's Communication and Dissemination partner, PENSOFT, conducted a captivating workshop on Science Communication. The workshop emphasized the crucial role of effective science communication in disseminating scientific knowledge and fostering wider understanding and acknowledgment. It served as a reminder of the significance of clear and engaging communication in bridging the gap between research and society.

Gabriela Popova, from PENSOFT, giving a presentation on Science Communication.

The second annual meeting of the PROMICON project marked a significant milestone in its ongoing journey. Through the exchange of ideas, presentation of advancements, and fostering of collaboration, the meeting propelled the project's mission to revolutionize biopolymer and biofuel production. The dedication and enthusiasm exhibited by all participants position PROMICON to make substantial contributions in driving us towards a more sustainable future.

Photo: Project members at the annual meeting.