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Promicon Asks, ISLE Answers - Team 'Exploitation'

8 December 2023
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Next on PROMICON's #PromiconAsksPromiconAnswers campaign, we are shifting our focus to Isle Utilities, as leaders of the “Exploitation” team. Their main goal is to develop, in collaboration with all the consortium partners, an Exploitation Strategy for PROMICON’s solutions in which exploitation activity outputs undertaken during the project are fed.

The objectives of team “Exploitation” are:

  • Assess the environmental, economic and social impacts of the target bio-based products produced by PROMICON solutions, in order to estimate the feasibility of prospective large-scale production.

  • Identify and quantify the market opportunities for the PROMICON solutions to  support the development of exploitation strategies and business cases.

  • Facilitate early and active engagement with relevant stakeholders (end-users, investors, technological, regulators/policy makers) in the market regions through the development and delivery of 3 Innovation Workshops.

  • Provide training sessions for the consortium to raise awareness, understand market needs and increase the market share and uptake of bio-based solutions and to improve the overall knowledge of the industrial microbiome with a view to responding to market needs.

  • Manage and support the PROMICON Innovation process activities which include Intellectual Property Rights Management, assessment of project results, exploitation, dissemination and communication.

As the main outcome of WP5, the exploitation plan will ensure that every Key Exploitable Result (KER) developed during the project is correctly protected and its use after the project is maximised. To achieve this, an exploitation route (economic, scientific or societal) and strategy (commercial or non-commercial) will be identified for each KER. For the development of the KERs, an Innovation Board (IB) will provide guidance to the project partners and will facilitate innovation management by identifying possible market barriers and risks; and suggesting actions to maximise the exploitation of PROMICON solutions across the entire value chain.

The development and delivery of 3 Innovation Workshops, being part of WP5’s objectives, will allow PROMICON partners to engage with relevant stakeholders, including potential end-users, investors and policy makers in the market regions. To enhance this engagement and raise awareness of the project, apart from WP6, focused on communication and dissemination, the use of flyers with infographics, brochures, participation at conferences and business-oriented events will be utilised. Those Innovation Workshops aim to facilitate discussions and collaborations that could potentially lead to future adoption of PROMICON’s solutions and boost awareness and impact of the KERs. Moreover, the feedback received from all stakeholders after each workshop will help shape the development of the exploitation strategies and business models.

Alongside each Innovation Workshop, training sessions will be carried out, supporting the consortium in better understanding the market needs, market landscape, opportunities and risks, and in identifying the best way to protect the Exploitable Results. The sessions will also train the project partners on delivering pitches in front of potential end-users, investors and regulators that could uptake the innovative solutions developed within the PROMICON project.

In conclusion, all activities carried out by team “Exploitation” are designed to maximise the market uptake of PROMICON solutions. In particular, the development of business models and exploitation roadmaps will facilitate the correct use of PROMICON’s Key Exploitable Results after the project and accelerate their exploitation and consequently their market uptake. 

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Photo: Promicon Asks, ISLE Answers - Team 'Exploitation'.