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PROMICON launches new campaign "PROMICON Asks, PROMICON Answers"

24 October 2023
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PROMICON is thrilled to announce the project’s latest social media campaign #PAPA - PROMICON Asks, PROMICON Answers. As our primary objective is to bridge the gap between science and the public, we strive to engage our audience and stakeholders with the insightful scientific results of the project’s members. While aiming to boost awareness about PROMICON's work and innovative solutions, the project strives to deliver engaging and informative content.

Against this background, we came up with the #PAPA campaign, which will dive deep into the work of each of the PROMICON teams. Through informative blog posts and engaging social media summaries, you will be able to get a grasp of what it is that we are doing at PROMICON and how we are achieving our goals. Through a Q&A session with the project’s experts and team leaders, we have prepared a series of insightful news pieces, which will enhance PROMICON’s visibility and deliver transparency, accessibility and knowledge exchange.

Keep posted for the upcoming posts and follow #PAPA on our social media channels.