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PROMICON at the UFZ Science days: making science accessible

21 November 2022
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On October 12 and 13 2022, the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research -  UFZ organised its first ever UFZ Science Days. The event took place at KUBUS in Leipzig, Germany and gathered researchers with the aim of making research at the UFZ visible and tangible for all interested employees. Among the participants were PROMICON’s partners at UFZ.

The goals of the UFZ Science Days were to present and discuss inspiring science from the six Integration Platforms (IPs), to stimulate internal UFZ exchange on research and products from Program-oriented Funding (PoF), and to develop collaborations within the UFZ.

To achieve the goals, entertaining and inspiring presentation, discussion and exchange formats were prepared, e.g. flash talks by different scientists, workshops, lab tours and a science marketplace. Some UFZ scientists also reported on their experiences in national and international initiatives, as well as in large integrative research projects, such as PROMICON.

The UFZ Science days were also dedicated to bringing citizens closer to science and to showing them what is being done in the different areas of scientific research at UFZ. The event gathered more than 300 visitors, both in presence and online. The guests had the chance to explore - among others - the PROMICON exhibition stand, where project partner Hannah Berreth was giving an overview of the project with a presentation titled ‘Biofilms for the continuous production of H2’ and a poster. 

Photo: A poster presented at the UFZ Science day, titled "Hydrogen production in Rhodopseudomonas palustris dominated biofilm consortia".