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PROMICON’s partners join forces to develop a biomass concentration sensor for cyanobacteria

7 December 2023
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Recently AIMEN’s team visited UPC’s laboratory (UPC-GEMMA) to install an advanced hyperspectral system along with a spectrometer. Their collaboration was intended for the meticulous collection of data and images related to cyanobacteria microbiome samples within the photobioreactors, relating to WP1 and WP2 of the project. Learn more about WP1 and WP2 from our #PAPA campaign. 

Snippet from the collaboration between UPC and AIMEN.

The acquired data will play a crucial role in the development of a measurement methodology, a sophisticated multispectral sensor, and the implementation of cutting-edge Machine Learning (ML) models, which will be used for estimating cyanobacteria biomass levels and bioproducts production. 

Photo: Both teams from AIMEN and UPC together.