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This July PROMICON’s #Previous_Research and #Lab_Stories Social Media Campaigns concluded

4 August 2023
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Last month, PROMICON wrapped up two social media campaigns - #PreviousResearch and #Lab_Stories. The campaigns provided insights into the daily work of the scientists involved in PROMICON’s research activities, highlighting previous research findings from partners before PROMICON. 

The #Lab_Stories campaign offered a behind-the-scenes look at the PROMICON project, featuring weekly videos on YouTube, X (Twitter), Facebook, and LinkedIn.The series highlighted the day-to-day experience of the project's PhD students and their work towards efficient biotechnological production. PROMICON aims to understand microbiomes and their potential for biopolymers, energy carriers, feedstocks, and antimicrobial molecules. The diverse research team of European experts contributed their knowledge and background to the project.

The #PreviousResearch campaign showcased pre-project papers from the PROMICON members. This campaign aimed to increase transparency about the project's team, topics, and objectives while expanding knowledge in biotechnology.

Don't forget to explore our web channels for all the publications from the two social media campaigns. Stay updated with PROMICON on social media to catch the latest project updates and be the first to know about our upcoming campaigns.