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Stories from the lab: new PROMICON video series

9 February 2023
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So, what is it really like to work in а biotech lab?

PROMICON’s new campaign ‘Lab Stories’ provides insight into the daily life of a scientist in biotechnology. Each week is a new view into the routine and work of the people behind the PROMICON project.

The viewers will get to be a part of a unique behind-the-scenes experience and learn more in-depth about PROMICON’s methods and approaches while having the opportunity to get to know the project early career researchers.

#Lab_Stories is set to post weekly videos on PROMICON’s Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn channels, featuring various partners and their day-to-day activities in the project.

The first of the new PROMICON video series features Artem Govorukhin of Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ). Artem shows us his typical workday at the UFZ lab. He is currently working with a synthetic microbial consortium. Watch his #Lab_Stories vlog to learn more. 

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Photo: A screenshot from Artem Govorukhin's #Lab_Stories video.