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PROMICON issues four policy recommendations

20 February 2024
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This press release has been published by EurekAlert! and AlphaGalileo

A deep dive into innovation and sustainability with PROMICON's first policy brief, unravelling the potential of microbiome insights for a resilient and circular future. 

PROMICON – a pioneer in harnessing the power of nature to shape science and inform decision-making – proudly announces the release of its first policy brief, unveiling the potential of microbiome analysis and synthetic microbial consortia technologies. The policy brief is also accessible through PROMICON’s open-access collection in the Research Ideas and Outcomes Journal (RIO), as well as the Horizon Results Platform.

Aligned with the EU Bioeconomy Strategy for a sustainable, circular, and low-emissions economy, PROMICON's policy brief explores how these innovations can significantly enhance the strategy's core objectives, for example, by promoting regulatory frameworks that support the use of synthetic biology in industrial applications and fostering interdisciplinary collaboration among researchers, policymakers, and industry stakeholders.

To delve into the comprehensive insights provided by PROMICON's policy brief and contribute to shaping the future of sustainable bioeconomy policies, we invite you to explore the Policy Corner on the project’s website. The PROMICON Policy Corner serves as a hub for valuable insights, inviting stakeholders to shape the project’s future policy brief. Join us in the pursuit of promoting nature-centric decision-making by sharing your ideas for target policies, sparking discussions, and raising awareness about the pivotal role of nature in shaping policies. 

Explore the PROMICON Policy Corner & Policy brief here.

Strengthening the 2018 EU Bioeconomy Strategy through Microbiome Analysis and Synthetic Microbial Consortia Technologies