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PROMICON deliverable now in the RIO Journal

5 January 2024
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PROMICON places a strong emphasis on the role of impactful visual communication and effective dissemination tools in ensuring the lasting impact of the project. In this regard, a tailored strategy has been developed as the Deliverable D6.1 Project Branding and Communication Channels Setup. To support transparency and accessibility in the work of research projects, PROMICON has made this strategy available as part of its open access collection in the Research Ideas and Outcomes (RIO) journal. While currently featuring only this deliverable, the project is setting the stage for forthcoming releases that will shed more light on our work.

The strategy includes essential dissemination and branding tools, enhancing the project’s visibility and impact. By establishing these essential dissemination and branding tools early in the project, PROMICON ensured a head start in creating a strong and recognisable presence. Moreover, their timely implementation enhances the project's ability to convey its message, connect with stakeholders, and foster a lasting impact throughout its life-cycle and beyond.

Check out the complete branding and communication strategy here.

PROMICON deliverables now in the RIO Journal