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PROMICON Women In Science presents: Susann Müller

31 March 2024
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PROMICON’s new social media campaign #WomenInScience aims to portray the excitement and the difficulties that come with being a female scientist, shedding more light on this career path. Each week, we will tell the stories of the women behind PROMICON and this week we are presenting you Susann Müller from Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ

What initially sparked your interest in science?  

My parents were both scientists and sparked my interest from an early age.

What are some common misconceptions about being a female scientist that you've encountered in your career?

I think the biggest misconception is that women cease working after having children.

How do you feel about the representation of women in PROMICON?

It is really unusual that so many women are in the project; it feels safer and discussions are easier. This is really much different to other projects, where, especially in my topic, men are mostly overtaking the topics.

What actions would you recommend to EU policymakers to enhance gender equality in European-funded projects?

Ensure gender equality. Women are often not as forthcoming and they need more time for the kids and family, thus cannot spend so much time to connect each other and produce shiny presentations. Therefore, their project proposals might miss a radiance more often compared to the ones men provide. It should be ensured that science is the main qualifier to get a project.

Which female scientist do you look up to the most and why?  

I look up to Marie Curie the most ever since I read about her when I was a child.

What advice would you give to young women considering a career in science nowadays?

Stay working, be curious and organise your work efficiently in a way that you can publish in good journals, use opportunities.

Susann Müller