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Second Graphical Summary by PROMICON: advancing sustainable biopolymers

10 July 2024
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PROMICON’s initiative to share graphical summaries for our research papers aims to make complex scientific studies more accessible and engaging for interested stakeholders such as policymakers, the scientific community, and the general public. These summaries will be available on our website library and social media platforms, providing readers with a quick and informative overview of our research highlights.

We continue with the paper “New strategy for bioplastic and exopolysaccharides production: Enrichment of field microbiomes with cyanobacteria”This study showcases the potential of cyanobacteria for biopolymer production, offering a sustainable solution to plastic pollution. Cyanobacteria can produce bioplastics and sugar additives using sunlight and CO2. The UPC research group collected samples from rivers and wetlands, optimising lab conditions to boost the growth of these microorganisms. By supplementing with acetate, they increased biopolymer production, paving the way for sustainable bioplastics.

The paper identifies cultures with high bioproduct yields and highlights the potential for scaling up production in larger reactors, offering industries in textiles, food, and cosmetics valuable insights into using cyanobacteria-enriched microbiomes for sustainable biopolymer production. Moreover, the study demonstrates the feasibility of enhancing bioplastic and sugar additive synthesis in an environmentally friendly manner, opening doors to a greener future with reduced plastic waste.

Read more here and stay tuned for more graphical summaries.

Snippet from Graphical Summary #2